Dickens Books and Art Storefront


Our name:

We are called Dickens Books & Art because we wanted a mentor to guide our endeavor and thought that there couldn't be one better than the beloved literary giant Charles Dickens to shape our efforts. Interestingly, Dickens traveled through Northwest Connecticut during his reading tours in America. Like Dickens, books and art are what we are about. We offer a broad collection of both, and support local authors and artists through in-store events, readings, and gallery showings. We believe Mr. Dickens would approve.




Our mission:

To help all discover the transforming power of the written word and art.


Our shop:

Is located in a hip old factory building that features sun-filled windows overlooking the Bantam River. Our shelves are a mix of new and used books arranged by category. Our walls and cases are filled with original art, sculptures, pottery, glass goods, baskets, and objets d'art. There is seating throughout to encourage browsing and discovery. Soft smooth jazz adds to the calm oasis that awaits your visit.


Dickens Books and Art store bookshelf Dickens Books and Art store bookshelf Dickens Books and Art store bookshelf



Our staff:

Over 90 years' of combined book/art experience is ready to serve. Backgrounds in publishing and commercial and fine art and design provide a unrivaled depth of knowledge to help you. 


Our mascot: Grip the Raven

Once upon a time there was a raven named Grip.

Grip was Charles Dickens's beloved pet raven. Dickens even included him as a character in one of his books: Barnaby Rudge.

A young critic from America read the book and was inspired by the story's raven. That critic was Edgar Allan Poe, who went on to write the haunting poem, "The Raven."  

When Grip passed away in 1841, the heartbroken Dickens had him, er, stuffed. And you can still see Grip today. He actually resides in America, in the Rare Book Department of the Philadelphia Free Library. 

Supposedly Grip was quite clever. He could pop champagne bottle corks and talk. His favorite expression was "Hallao Old Girl!"

We like to think of Grip as our muse. As he brought joy to Charles Dickens, he brings smiles to us, and hopefully to you.

"Get a Grip!"